Nesligül Cebesoy

b. 1990


Nesligül Cebesoy, who has obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Institute, is an artist based in Izmir. Her works focus on the moral and existentialist dilemma of the individuals within modern society and the ever-increasing risk of losing themselves as they drown in the mass of commodities in a society defined by consumerism. Besides her oil paintings, Cebesoy uses collages to create ruined cityscapes and imaginary spaces. The artist received a special recognition award from the “Figurative Art Exhibition” in Florida, USA, in 2017. Her works have been displayed in the “Baselected” exhibition (Bodrum and Istanbul, 2022), ARTANKARA 6. Contemporary Art Fair (Ankara, 2021), “Art Forever” exhibition at the Boris Georgiev Gallery (Varna, 2000), Artrooms Fair at Melia White House (London, 2018) and K2 Contemporary Art Center (Izmir, 2014)