Mehdi Hachid

b. 1988


An experimental artist based in Algiers, Mehdi Hachid draws his inspiration from nature’s unpredictability and the beauty of destructed landscapes. Fascinated by organic forms, textures, and abstraction, he focuses on details often invisible to the naked eye. Hachid’s artwork dwells between two universes: one with vibrant colors, movements, and emotions and another with minimalism and abstraction. Hachid is one of the founders of the Timber Project, which aimed to form a cultural and humanitarian bridge in Alger between 2015-2022. He also founded DOJO cultural space for visual artists. He has held residencies in Alger and Marakesh and participated in exhibitions in Northern Africa, including as artistic director of Nuits des Idees at the French Institute (Alger, 2022).