Greta Pllana

b. 1992


Greta Pllana is an Albanian artist currently working in Milan. A graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, Pllana instrumentalizes various art forms to research origins, past affections, and memories, which are sometimes lost but nevertheless essential to understanding the present. The artist often couples scenes and memories of daily life with eye-catching symbols to create universal instants of collective memory. Some of Pllana’s works are displayed in the National Gallery of Contemporary Art in Tirana. She has participated in exhibitions in Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, and Kosovo. Her exhibitions include “Entre Nous” in Ipercubo Gallery (Milan, 2022); “A for Unapologetic” in Doza Gallery and Vaska Emanouilova Gallery (Sofia, 2021); “Synime” in the National Gallery of Contemporary Arts (Tirana, 2021) and “Shifting Horizons” in Curva Pura (Rome, 2021).