Claudio Zorzi

b. 1989


Claudio Zorzi is an Italian artist currently working in Berlin. He had his bachelor’s degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Italy, then carried out post-graduate studies on contemporary visual arts at the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts. Through skillful use of color, Zorzi shows spectators the different levels and layers that make up a human being. The artist describes art as a secular prayer and his paintings as the struggle between the opposite and complementary energies that make up our inner reality. Besides his solo exhibition, “Return to the Mother” (Palermo, 2022), he has displayed his works at “Rabbia,” at Artform Pilastro (Verona, 2022); “Coming soon, Art supports Cinema, Cinema supports Art” widespread exhibition (Puglia, 2021), “The Bridge” online exhibition organized by Faculty of Fine Art, National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage in Aswara University (Kuala Lumpur, 2020) and “Because the sky belongs to everyone and the earth does not,” at The Pool NYC Gallery (Milano, 2018).