Berna Dolmacı

b. 1994


Berna Dolmacı, an artist who uses an ecology-based approach in her works, is currently based in Izmir, where she is pursuing her master’s degree in painting at the Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Fine Arts. Dolmacı’s early works center around her “sketchbook” and “visual diaries.” Later, the artist experimented with large collages of waste paper colored with non-industrial organic materials and process-oriented installations in public spaces. Since 2020, the artist has used selected lands as her workshop and integrated the land and the vegetation into her works. A winner of the Akbank Art’s “Today’s Artists” award, Dolmacı had the solo exhibitions “Istila/Occupation” in Balconnection (Izmir, 2020) and “Otonom” in A Room of Her Own (Izmir, 2018). Her works were showcased at Mahal Aura (Hatay, 2022), “Susuz Yaz/Dry Summer” exhibition in Culture Civic project (Izmir, Türkiye), and  “Darağaç Burada/Gallows are Here” exhibition at TUYAP Art Gallery (Istanbul, 2018).