Izmir Mediterranean Biennial


Located on the western coast of Turkey, Izmir is one of the important port cities in the Eastern Mediterranean, located on the historical Silk Road route.

Izmir Mediterranean Biennial


If the sea is considered as a symbol for various levels of consciousness, how can societies living on the same waterfronts connect with these levels of collective consciousness through different perspectives and spatial relations? If these perspectives and forms of relationship are revealed in a common area, can the Mediterranean identity be evaluated through an objective reality?

Izmir Mediterranean Biennial

Curator /
Caroline David

Caroline David is a specialist in contemporary art and she has curated many exhibitions. She was Director of the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC) Nord Pas de Calais in 1984 and then Director of the Foundation for Architecture in Brussels in 1996. In 2000 she was part of the founding team of lille2004 European Capital of Culture where she headed the department of visual arts and exhibitions. She continued the adventure in 2006 as Director of Visual Arts for the city of Lille (France) and then for lille3000. In 2015 she moved to Turkey for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director of the French Institute of Izmir. Since 2020 She has been artistic advisor and exhibition curator at lille3000.