General Information


Located on the western coast of Türkiye, Izmir is one of the important port cities in the Eastern Mediterranean, located on the historical Silk Road route. With the advantages of its climate and geographical location, the city has hosted different civilizations and cultures throughout its 8,500-year history. The metropolitan today is a veritable mosaic of the people living in Türkiye.

Izmir has a rich culture stemming from its cosmopolitan structure. Today, the city with a population of approximately 4.5 million hosts many festivals and international events in the field of art and ecology. With its fertile nature and diverse culture, Izmir also stands out in the field of gastronomy. Izmir’s open structure to interaction and democratic dialogue, developed in the context of all these features, creates an environment suitable for the sharing of contemporary art.

Izmir Mediterranean Biennial

Those living on the shores of the Mediterranean are united in common cultural denominators such as their lifestyles, emotions and culinary habits. It makes more and more sense to promote dialogue between Mediterranean cultures and societies in order to sustain pluralism, diversity and freedom.

Organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in collaboration with K2 Contemporary Art Center, IMB makes the cultural and artistic capacity of the region visible by strengthening the relations between those living in the Mediterranean through art. It is aimed to create a platform open to innovative ideas and suggestions in the field of art, with the participation of artists from the Mediterranean.